Who can benefit from eyebrow microblading?

Who can benefit from eyebrow microblading?
Find out if microblading is right for you.

Eyebrows are an important part of how your face looks. Not everyone is born with perfect eyebrows so that's why makeup was invented. Unfortunately, makeup is not the most convenient thing to use every day and in some cases very hard to use. Permanent makeup will allow an expert artist to shape it to your features and bring out the best in you. The following cases benefit the most from microblading.

  • If you have no eyebrows or thin eyebrows.
  • If your eyebrows are sparse or over-plucked.
  • If fair/blond eyebrows and find that pencil wears off quickly.
  • If you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies.
  • If you suffer or have suffered from alopecia.
  • If you have undergone chemotherapy.

If you are interested, book a free appointment with us for a consultation and we'll figure out what is the best solution for your case. 

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