What to expect during the healing process?

What to expect during the healing process?
Healing process; patchiness, flaking, etc..

After your initial procedure, your eyebrows will go through a 2-week healing process. Some clients may experience a sense of uneasiness at this time, as it is normal and part of the process. The following changes during this period are to be expected:

  • Scabbing 
  • Patchy 
  • Some Pigment Loss 
  • Flaking 
  • Dark and Thick

After eyebrows are healed (10-15 days), the color will appear softer. This occurs because the pigment is transferred to epidermal layer. Your brows may not exfoliate evenly. During the exfoliation process, your color may look weak, pinkish or even disappear. This will not be your final result, it will take a full two weeks or more for the true color to the surface. 

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