What kind of micro-pigment (ink) do you use?

What kind of micro-pigment (ink) do you use?
All about micro-pigment brands and types.

We use a few different brands of micro-pigment at our studio. There are many different skin types and they react differently to each person. We use the combinations that we know work best for your skin type. All ink used is specially made for semi-permanent makeup, not tattoo ink. There are minor, but important differences between the two. 

We use the following brands:
Biotouch - one of the most well known micro-pigment companies.
SofTap Permanent Cosmetics - another well-known company.
Li Pigments - Li Pigments have been manufacturing for over 25 years.
Phibrows - Phibrows is another famous company in the eyebrows industry. 

We can accommodate your preferences, please let us know in advance if you have a special request. 

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