Permanent Makeup License Requirement for Massachusetts

Permanent Makeup Licensure by State


Permanent makeup has grown fast and many have shown interest to learn the different techniques. Let us check out what you have in your state!  

The State of Massachusetts does not have a statewide regulation. 

You must hold a valid license from the Boston Public Health Commission to practice in Boston. Practitioners may only practice in a business with a valid Body Art Facility/Establishment permit. Providing Body Art procedures of any kind without a license or outside of a permitted establishment is prohibited.

Training Requirements:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology Course
  2. Blood Borne Pathogen Training Course
  3. Completed an apprenticeship equivalent to at least one year of full-time employment (1,800 hours)
  4. Certificate of successful completion/passing a training course of at least 100 hours of instruction time and certified/accredited by either the American Academy of Micropigmentation(AAM) or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals(SPCP). Provide documentation of the training course including the training institution contact information, documentation of AAM or SPCP certification/accreditation, and a copy of the course curriculum.


Body Art Regulations

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