Is it normal for eyebrows to itch after Microblading?

My brows are itchy after the procedure!


After the procedure, your brows will go through the ups and downs on its healing period. There are different stages while your skin heals. During this portion of time, patience is a must. 

Is itching normal? Yes. Normally, this occurs when your brows start to scab. At this moment, do not pick, peel or itch it. The procedure creates cuts to insert the pigment on the first layer of our skin. Itching is a normal part of a wound that is healing, and scratching it must be avoided. 

In case itching is accompanied by soreness, some discharge or redness, it is time to seek a physician. However, to avoid possible infections, use a Q-tip in applying an ointment on your brows. 

Rest assured Vbrows follow proper sanitation. We choose to use disposable tools to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between clients. We don't sanitize our tools; we use one-time tools to assure our client's safety and overall well being.



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