Do you also use an organic ink?

I will pay more for the procedure. Just use organic ink.
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Colors play a vital role in permanent makeup. Here are two types of pigments that are normally used; organic and inorganic pigments. Whenever we hear organic or natural pigment, we tend to be attracted assuming that it is the best product, but don't be fooled. Organic pigment is anything that is vegetable based, chemical compounds can be used during color production to stabilized the organic pigments. It is riskier for it's the natural products in vegetables and herbs that can cause allergic reactions for some people. On the other hand, inorganic pigments use chemical formulations. Iron oxide rarely causes allergic reactions and had shown to be the safest pigment. It is well known for its color durability and stability. Exposure to sunlight or chemicals can take away the bright color of organic pigments. We are using :


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