Can Antibiotics affect the procedure?

When can I have the procedure?

In permanent cosmetics, this often means there may be more chance of the pigment loss.  

 The job of the antibiotic is to fight foreign bodies. Pigments are foreign and implanting into the skin will make our white blood cells fight against it. Naturally, anything that enters our body or bloodstream is usually treated as a foreign object. The ink or pigment itself is generally a mix of various particles including colored metals such as lead and titanium.  It will definitely affect color retention. 

 You should stop taking antibiotics 10 days before your appointment date for the antibiotic to be out of your system. You should also wait at least 2 weeks before taking antibiotics to ensure that the skin is properly healed and it's in good condition.  It is important to follow the aftercare procedure to avoid unexpected complications and make sure you have the safest procedure with the most positive result. Your health and safety is our number one concern. 

Most artists prefer to do their work on people who are healthy with high chances of optimal results. 

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