Are there risks associated with permanent makeup?

Are there risks associated with permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup risks.
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Most clients do not have any reaction to the anesthetics or micro pigments that are used in permanent makeup. If they have a reaction to certain ingredients such as lidocaine, they usually know about it from routine dental checkups. A patch test can be done for people that are highly sensitive to cosmetics and/or are concerned about reactions. 

Client consultation and medical history form are obtained first to discuss any known allergies or questions before the procedure. The technician will also explain the process in general and get a signed release before performing any patch tests or doing the procedure. 

We make sure the client approves of the shape, thickness, and color prior us starting the procedure so there are usually no issues on the how it will turn out. The other concern is the fading of the color or color changes after the healing process. A well-trained artist will have proper training on how to prevent this. Also, the aftercare procedure is an important thing to follow to make sure the best possible results.

Other risks may have to do with the technician’s level of expertise or experience. For example, if the technician does not know how to hold the machine or needle properly, the colors might not show properly or have the desired results. This is why you must choose a good studio with experienced technicians to do your procedure. Be wary of artists giving large discounts for the procedure. Usually, this is a sign of inexperience which may cause you issues. 

When in doubt, check their "before and after" work on their website, Instagram or Facebook to make sure they are proficient and can do the style that you want.

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